Friday, November 1, 2013

Store #2: Blossom's Bridal

I went to the second store because I found this dress on Pinterest that I loved and I wanted to try it on in real life.  I didn't like this store as much as the first one-- they mostly had larger, more full dresses and I kinda felt like I kept being forced into dresses that the person helping me liked.

Dress #1: This is the one I came to see!  I loved it.  I like the soft sweetheart neckline, the lace all over, and the wide band at the waist. I like that it's fuller, but not too humungous. 

Dress #2: I like the bodice of this dress, but don't really love the skirt.  Wish they'd make it with the lace on the top all over the skirt.

Dress #3: This is my favorite drop waist gown I've tried on.  I like that it doesn't have a defined seam where the skirt begins, but rather transitions gradually from the bodice to the skirt.  (I don't like the sparkly belt.  Anytime you see me in a sparkly belt, assume I don't like it.)  I also liked the ruching + lace of the bodice, though it does seem a little asymmetrical at the neckline.

Dress #4: I didn't like this one. I don't like the vertical seams on the bodice, or the hard transition from the bodice to the skirt.

Dress #5: I only selected this dress to put on because I liked the flower lace on the straps, but it is NOT FOR ME.  I do not like the mermaid silhouette at all.

Dress #6: I tried this one on because I was looking to try on more with sheer paneling at the top (apparently that's called an illusion neckline), but I didn't like this particular dress.

Dress #7: I tried on this one because I really liked the sleeves, but I don't like how short the bodice makes my torso look.  (And yes, it has the world's weirdest bow in the front.  I was assured that could be removed before I ever put it on.)

Dress #8: I liked this one, but again, I don't like how harsh the transition from bodice to skirt is.

Ok, that's it for this store!

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