Thursday, October 31, 2013

Store #1: Brides of California

Dress #1: This was a satin ruched dress in a trumpet silhouette.  I thought it looked pretty good on me (I actually like it a lot better in the pictures than I did when I was wearing it), but the satin was HEAVY.  I just felt like it was going to be really hot and that wearing it was going to wear me out.

Dress #2: This one was very similar to the first, but made out of a different material.  It had this SUPER WEIRD sash that was supposed to go around my shoulders and across my chest, but we took that off.  On its own, it just looks pretty plain.

Dress #3:  I liked the wrapped organza at the top of this dress, but I really didn't like how it was gathered at the bottom.  It was super fluffy, and in person seemed kinda cheap.

Dress #4: I really like the idea of this dress.  I like the sheer panel and its silhouette-- how it flares at the waist.  I didn't like the lace pattern of this particular dress, nor the built-in sequin belt.  But the train is very nice!

Dress #5: This is my #1 favorite!  I love the lace, the silhouette, the neckline, and the keyhole back.  If I don't end up finding anything else I like better, I will definitely go back and get this one.  I like it so much, there's multiple pictures!

Trying out the bow in front

Dress #6: This one is very similar to the previous one, but I didn't like the neckline as much.
Dress #7: This one is similar to the previous two, but has more of a v-neckline and it also had sequins all over it.  It helped me learn that I really do not like sequins!

Dress #8: I didn't like this one as much when I had it on, but I REALLY like it in pictures.  I love the pattern of the lace, the neckline, and the wide sash.  The one thing I would change about it is the shape-- I'd prefer it to be more of an A-line.  When I go to other stores, I'm definitely going to show them this dress and say, "I just want it to flare at the waist!"

Dress #9: I didn't like this one.  I don't like the drop waist/trumpet shape, plus it was weirdly asymmetrical.

Dress #10: I liked this one better than the previous one.  I like the ruching on the bodice, but I wasn't thrilled with the trumpet shape, the deep sweetheart neckline, or the beading that came across the chest and down the stomach.

Dress #11: I also really liked this one in the store.  I liked how the lace trickled down onto the skirt.  Now that I've looked at the pictures I like, I don't think I would buy it.  I've realized that I really do prefer lace skirts, not simple ones like this.

We checked to make sure I could sit down in it.

Dress #12: This one was similar.  I liked its neckline and the corset waist (look how tiny I look!) but the lace pattern trickled over the skirt asymmetrically and I didn't like that.  Plus, it was twice as expensive as Dress #11!

Didn't love the sash.
Dress #13: This is definitely my least favorite of the ones I tried on.  It just makes my torso look wayyy too short!

Dress #14: This one was pretty, but just reallllly big.  I just don't think I'm looking for a dress that's this much of a ball gown.

 All right, that's all from the first store!  I'll update after I visit the next one.